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Do you want House Speaker Boehner to stay Speaker?

In his own words, incumbent Congressman Greg Walden plans to keep voting for Speaker Boehner, despite the frustration that his constituents feel about the lack of conservatism from the current Speaker of the House.

"In his appearance on CNN, Walden discounted media reports that 40 to 50 GOP House members are ready to vote against giving House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, another term in the speakership.

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I Support Cliven Bundy and Bundy Ranch

A lot of people are asking about my stance on the Bundy Ranch issue in Clark County, Nevada, where the BLM and citizens recently had a stand-off over cattle grazing rights. Many people are pointing out that Cliven Bundy has not paid his fees to the Federal government, and that may be true, although there are several arguments to both sides of the issue. (I'll put some sources at the bottom of this post).

However, what is not contentious is the atrocious treatment of private citizens by the BLM, the bullying of rural Americans by radical environmentalists and the overwhelming injustice that is Federal monopoly of our public lands.

It seems clear that we've reached a point in our history when private citizens and small-business owners are increasingly forced to make public scenes just to survive. Because of the labyrinth of laws, the convoluted nature of crony capitalism and the politically-motivated restrictions on our ways of life, the West in particular is gasping for air and some folks feel, as Mr. Bundy does, that resistance is the only option.

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Do You Want a Representative Who Understands Your Concerns?

Screenshot_1662This week, we've been hearing that registered Republicans in Oregon's 2nd District have been getting a lot of strange phone calls from "third party" professional pollsters.

This most recent polling brings up an interesting point - would you rather have a Representative who has to hire a third party professional firm to find out what is important to you - or would you rather elect someone who lives next-door to you, understands your way of life and honestly promises to protect it, no matter which way the political winds blow?

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New Immigration Graphic from NumbersUSA

Numbersusa-2modifiedI'm proud to be endorsed by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) and now have this great new chart from NumbersUSA available for voters. Because I'm not a career politician, I do not have to bow to lobbyists to stay in power. I am free to stand on my principles, without compromise.

Immigration is far too important to be simply a political pawn issue. Our country, in fact Oregon's 2nd District, needs to have strong leaders who are willing to use logic, history and thoughtfulness in their decisions. We cannot fall prey to purely emotional pleas or politically expedient sound-bites. Please take a moment to check out the new chart from NumbersUSA and share it with friends and family.

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The Real Forest Management Travel Solution

Last month, The Baker City Herald editorial staff wrote, “Rep. Greg Walden has gotten right to the heart of the debate over managing national forest and he only needed to write a four-page bill to do it.”

However, it’s time for a reality check, because although I applaud his effort, it seems clear that Walden only threw this piece of legislative silliness onto the House floor because I am on his heels, chasing his lackluster votes. I have heard for years from hunters, farmers, ranchers, loggers and outdoorsmen worried about their forest access and concerned with the deafness of Washington bureaucrats. They tell me of their frustration in writing endless letters to Walden’s office and their local papers, along with their attempts at “public comment” debacles. 

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VIDEO: Congressman Walden’s Words Don’t Match His Record

The incumbent Congressman, Greg Walden says he is a conservative. He says he is the only Republican representing Oregon's 2nd District  in Washington D.C. But what does his record say?

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World Net Daily spotlights GOP Dennis Linthicum as giant-slayer targeting incumbent Walden

Joseph Farah writes about Oregon’s 2nd District Congressional race. He finds Greg Walden entrenched by not invincible. Farah writes,

“Out to play David to Walden’s Goliath is Dennis Linthicum, a county commissioner in Klamath County, Ore. – a candidate who actually demonstrates an understanding of our nation’s founding and an urgent desire to govern according to the Constitution”

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The Closing of National Forests is a Battle We Must Fight

When so-called public servants suggest the increase of Federal land management, it's usually sold to us as a great resource for our communities. We're told that we'll get wide open spaces to hunt, fish, hike, access with OHVs and use for countless other pursuits.

Unfortunately, all too often, once the government gets control of our land, it becomes closed to one or more of these activities. They close forest roads under the guise of "environmental protection", ignoring the fact that keeping these roads clear aids firefighters in the summer fire season. The bureaucrats insist that they know better than we do how to enjoy our wild places, and so they padlock the woods and force us out of land that should rightfully belong to the local community.

More and more forests in Oregon are being closed to OHV traffic, and our current Congressman seems content with making empty statements and meaningless votes. For those of us who love our open places, this is a serious issue, one that is worth fighting for. We will not be content with empty rhetoric - if we aren't willing to stand up, our kids will never know the freedom of Oregon's mountains and forests.

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For immediate release
March 11, 2014
Contact: Dani Nichols
(714) 351-7976

Republican Congressional Candidate Dennis Linthicum has been endorsed by theOregon Firearms Federation (OFF). Dennis is running for Congress in Oregon’s 2nd District, and is a proud supporter of 2nd Amendment rights. 

"I think at this particular time in our history, we need somebody who's going to be aggressive about the things we support. Representative Walden’s tenure has been marked more by an apparent desire to get along rather than lead,” said Kevin Starrett, executive director of OFF. “Frankly we can’t find much of a difference between his voting record and super liberal Kurt Schrader on 2nd Amendment issues. Whatever you say about Congressman Walden’s seniority, the people who are getting things done are the people who are making waves, like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, and when we are losing freedoms every day, we can’t have someone in office who's main interest is getting along with Washington.”

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For immediate release
February 28, 2014
Contact: Dani Nichols

In a recent TV interview, District 2 Representative Greg Walden was asked about the water issues plaguing much of Oregon. His response was complacent: he’d spoken to President Obama about the drought in the West, so “the President is aware.”

The President certainly is aware of the plight of farmers, ranchers and most of the West, but his solutions are not good for our communities. Recently, President Obama flew to Central California to declare that the desolation there is a product of “global warming”. Residents of a once-fertile, thriving, economically booming agricultural powerhouse know otherwise - that the devastation is because of shockingly bad federal policy - policies that Congress has allowed to continue. For instance:

  • Five years ago a federal judge put the delta smelt, a baitfish, above people in the pecking order, and less than two years ago, President Obama threatened to veto a bill that would have resolved this situation and returned water and economic activity to California’s Central Valley.
  • Environmental special interests managed to dismantle a carefully-crafted system of dams, reservoirs and irrigation by diverting water meant for agriculture to “environmental causes” with our Activist-in-Chief’s blessing. This forced the flushing of three million acre-feet of water, intended for the Central Valley, into the ocean over the past five years. They are now trying to continue this policy throughout Oregon.
  • Twenty years ago, our Oregon forests, once humming with industry, fell silent because of the same absurd logic regarding the Spotted Owl. Today the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans lethal removal of the real problem - the barred owl - by shotgunners.

Are these examples of sound Federal policy? Are you impressed that Representative Walden mentioned our drought while escorting the President to the podium during the State of the Union? Are you willing to sit idle and shrug when the activists dismantle your livelihood and blame the horrific results on climate change, as they have in California? Should we sit by and watch as Oregon’s farm and ranch land is reduced to a dust bowl by grotesquely disordered federal policy?

Absolutely not.

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Standing up for taxpayers is bad leadership? Well, according to the media...

(This was printed as a guest column in the Klamath Falls Herald and News on February 21, 2014)

Have your kids ever asked “why” when you help them with their homework? Of course! Any problem needs to address “why” - if Johnny has 38 oranges and sells 12, he has 26 left - why? When I tutored my kids in math, I explained that this is straight-forward: pluses and minuses have strict rules, and we must obey those rules. In adulthood, we realize that if we don’t pay attention to mathematic rules, our currency, our bank accounts and our economies begin to fall apart. In a fictional word problem, it’s OK if we miss an integer and Johnny winds up with 16 oranges instead of 26. In the real world, Johnny goes bankrupt and has to close his fruit stand.

Which leads me to my point: telling Johnny that he has more oranges than he does, or letting him do fuzzy math is not good leadership. Sunday’s Klamath Falls Herald and News editorial critiqued my “lack of leadership” for opposing yet another tax in the Klamath Basin, but as a leader, I have to make those hard decisions. Their reasoning is that “leadership is more than saying no”. It certainly is, but I am not saying a simple “no” - I am saying what too many politicians don’t have the courage to say: “this doesn’t add up.”

Leadership, according to the Herald and News, is saying “yes”. It’s pleasant to hear that we can raise taxes and not affect the economy, or that the next levy, fee, tax or bond measure amounts to a good investment instead of faulty logic. So, the typical politician shuts his eyes to the real math problems we face. The progressive euphemisms: “investment,” “fair share” and “leadership” cover up faulty logic.

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Illegal Immigration is too Important to be Used as a Political Pawn

“My hunch is that if [the amnesty/path to citizenship immigration reform] doesn’t come up tomorrow, it’s probably months out. The point is that most of the primaries will have faded by then anyway. By the time you get to June, most of them are behind you.”

-Congressman Greg Walden, at a House of Representatives meeting on January 30, 2014.

Why do you think that Representative Greg Walden, a man with 30 years of experience in politics, wants to wait until the “primaries have faded” to tackle immigration reform?

This is political posturing, and it’s gone on too long. Our representatives know that we don't want amnesty — we want secure borders, enforcement of current laws and protection of U.S. citizens. Instead, they plan to offer conservative rhetoric and liberal action, once again proving that the current Republican establishment has lost their principles.

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