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Dennis Linthicum says Thank You

The last few months have flown by. Diane and I have driven thousands of miles and handed out hundreds of campaign signs, fliers and bumper stickers. We’ve had great conversations with concerned business-owners, veterans, ranchers and good people all across Central, Southern and Eastern Oregon who are looking for a new Constitutional direction from Congress.

As we’ve traveled and talked with people, we’ve heard over and over again that you are tired of the big government bureaucracy. You are tired of the Federal government locking us out of forest lands and mismanaging our precious natural resources. You are tired of the national debt climbing ever higher, the unelected, unConstitutional whims of entities like the EPA, and the incredible expense and unwieldy nature of our bloated federal bureaucracy. You are ready for change, and you have made your voices heard.

Thank you for speaking up. Thank you for telling friends and neighbors, for putting up signs and knocking on doors, for sacrificially giving to my campaign. Together, we can bind the Federal government with the chains of the Constitution, and we can make D.C. listen to We the People once again. Thank you for your vote, and your time. You have reminded me why I love Oregon and why America is indeed "a shining city on a hill”. Thank you for helping me in this fight, and God bless you as we enter this final election day.

Micah 6:8 “Do justly, love mercy, 
walk humbly with your God.”

All the best,

Dennis Linthicum
Republican Candidate for Oregon’s 2nd District
U.S. Congress

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My name is Edward and I am a retired US Marine who has decided to make Central Oregon his home.  I am currently pretty disgusted with the current state of affairs with our Senate and Congress, especially in their zeal to throw veterans under the bus in order to curry favor with a larger voting block.  The numbers speak for themselves; veterans typically only make up about 5% of voters (in Oregon 328,000). There are some who will try to justify this action by saying we are young enough to get a job and second career, even the politicians who are veterans.  Easy for them to say as they now fall under the benefits and entitlement package of the Senate and Congress or they are over the age of 62.

The time for change is now.  The time for all veterans to speak as one voice is now.  Lets show them we can speak as one and make changes to those who would throw us under the bus; because right now it is the retirees that got slapped, next it will be the veteran who did his or her four years and came home with their Honorable Discharge who gets slapped. This needs to stop now, with new blood in the Congress. 

Bend, Oregon

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